Stormwater Street Team

Would you ever pour chemicals directly into a stream or drinking supply? It is hard to believe, but people actually dump chemicals down the storm drain inlets that collect the runoff and flow directly into our local creeks, streams, and lakes.

To best protect our watersheds, the public needs to become more aware of the connection between our storm drains and watersheds. Storm drain markers remind people that only rain should go into the drain.

The Stormwater Street Team program is a proactive and positive way for volunteers to serve their community and improve the quality of the environment. Families, clubs, organizations or individuals are welcome to volunteer.

Please contact the Storm Drain Marking Coordinator to volunteer and for more information.

To volunteer for Stormwater Street Team, contact:

Keep Lincoln Lancaster County Beautiful (KLLCB)
3140 "N" Street
Lincoln, NE 68508