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Nature Programs and Classes

Pioneers Park nature Center is a city-owned resource that offers the opportunity for outdoor observation, learning, and fun.Youth are deeply engaged in a nature activity, the three youth have tape measures and are being guided by a staff on a leafy path in the woods.

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Nature Center programs and events include: 

  • School hikes to more than 10,000 school children annually 
  • Nature day camps for ages 3 to 17
  • A wide range of public programs for all ages including guided night hikes, scout programs, birding trips, OLLI classes and more.
  • Outreach programs 

School Programs

adamsschool-rottinglog.jpgA leader in nature exploration and education the Nature Center offers outdoor experiences, as well as programs for the classroom. 

The Nature Center offers an engaging selection of hands-on outdoor and outreach experiences for students, designed to enhance the classroom curriculum and support Nebraska Science Standards. 

Our trained educators strive to develop awareness, appreciation, and curiosity about our unique Nebraska natural heritage by involving students in programs that are fun, concept oriented, and that allow ample opportunity for personal discovery. Our staff looks forward to sharing the wonders of nature with you and your students both at the Nature Center and in your classroom. 

Prairie Immersion


Beginning in the fall of 2008, all Lincoln Public School 4th graders have had the opportunity to spend a full day in a tallgrass prairie. The Prairie Immersion program is a cooperative venture of Lincoln Public School, Pioneers Park Nature Center and Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center.

During Prairie Immersion at the Nature Center, students investigate insect biodiversity, study prairie plants, discuss settler lives while sitting in the Hudson cabin built in 1863, and learn about the importance of bison and plant diversity to the Plains Indians. This experience correlates with both science and social studies curricula, giving a new and meaningful extension to the classroom study of the prairie.

School programming at Pioneers Park Nature Center is supported by the Friends of Pioneers Park Nature Center and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District.

Excerpts from student journals: 


The crickets are squeaking 
The prairie is cold 
The spiders are crawling 
The prairie is quiet 
The best place ever 
-Student from Calvert 

You can hear the bugs talking 
Feel the wind in your hair 
Tall grass crowded around you. 
-Student from Calvert 

I look at the grass taller than me.  If you sit down the little leaves tickle your back. 
-Student from Maxey 

Prairie feels like: 
Itchy, rough, sticky, a whole new world. 

Prairie sounds like: 
Cracking leaves and rustling grass 
Wind blowing; swishy
A buggy place

One special thing about prairie: 
It is quiet and peaceful. 
-various students 

Outreach Programs 

Nature Center Staff handles a snake for a student to engage with. The student gingerly places one finger on the snake. Nature Center educators can bring a variety of programs to groups of any age. Programing including live animals, hands-on activities, or themed presentations such as the tall grass prairie or herbs.  Programs are limited to the Lincoln area. Virtual programs are also available for groups or schools.

Call 402-441-7895 for more information, pricing, or to schedule a program.  

Educational Resources

Five bison stand in the sun within their tall grass prairie enclosure. The bison closest to us is entirely visible, the rest are partially hidden in the grass. Pioneers Park Nature Center is dedicated to providing a place for the public to experience, observe and gain information about the plants and animals of Nebraska. This goal is supported by the land with its varied habitats, exhibits, brochures, informational articles that appear in various publications, and our programs.  

Exhibit Animals 

The Nature Center cares for a variety of animals. Indoor and outdoor animal exhibits provide the visitor with an up close look at many native Nebraska animals. The raptors on exhibit have all been injured and are non-releasable. 

Nature Center Guides and Educator Resources  


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