Rural Water District #1 (RWD) and Annexation Fees

In 2013, the City of Lincoln and the RWD agreed to the proper amount for reimbursement of the district when land within their boundaries is annexed into the City. This agreement (first link below) provides for a set amount per acre or per dwelling served by the district. This only applies to land within the RWD boundary which is generally south and southeast of Lincoln.

As of January 1, 2018 the RWD fee was increased (third link) to adjust for inflation, as allowed under the agreement.

Also as of January 2018, the RWD and the City approved a map showing all the land that had been officially released by the RWD to the City of Lincoln. This map (see sixth link) identifies areas that had been released over the last several decades. This is the first time areas have been mapped to provide clarity on which land was already released. The release map will be updated every year or so.