Planning Application Tracking Service (PATS)

Please Note: We have recently completed an upgrade to our application tracking database. During the upgrade, changes were made to the way we track information which will require some clean up of the converted data. While the cleanup effort is in process, some of the information shown may not be complete. If you have any questions about the information on the webpage, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department at 402-441-7491. Thank you.

The Planning Application Tracking Service (PATS) website allows you to follow the progress of planning applications formally submitted for review to the Lincoln City-Lancaster County Planning Department. PATS provides you with useful information on each planning application. These applications include requests for changes of zoning, special permits, subdivision plats, and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. This site displays key dates in the review process. For example, PATS gives you the public hearing dates before the Planning Commission, City Council, or County Board for each application.

With PATS you can also view vital documents in the review process. These include the original application, staff reports, and other planning materials which are part of the review process. PATS information is drawn directly from an internal workflow database maintained by the City-County Planning Department. You may access the information in several ways.

If you know the number of the application you are interested in following, simply enter the number into the "Selection Screen" and the information for that application will be displayed. Additionally, the site's street address and "Parcel Identification Number" (PIN) can be used to track any given application using the "Selection Screen." The "Selection Screen" also allows you to review types of applications submitted over a specified period of time; to see what applications may be scheduled for upcoming public hearings; or what applications a particular staff Planner may be assigned.

If you happen to have seen one of the Planning Department's yellow "Zoning Action Signs" and want to know more, you can view a digital map showing the signs located across the community. Click on the sign icon nearest that location to view pertinent information about the application.

And lastly, if you are interested in researching planning applications in general geographic areas of the community you may do so by viewing the "Applications Overview Map." Simply click on the area in which you have an interest and information on applications in the area will be displayed.

NOTE: While every effort is made to ensure the quality of data on this site, the user must be aware the information may not always be current or complete. If you have questions regarding the information on this site, please contact the City-County Planning Department at 402-441-7491, or

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information can I find on PATS?

PATS information is drawn from an internal workflow database. The PermitsPlus database tracks the review of planning applications once they are formally submitted to the City-County Planning Department. PATS allows you to view when an application was submitted, its general content, when public hearings on the application will occur, the actions taken by the various public bodies reviewing the application, and key documentation relating to the application.

What applications are processed by the Planning Department?

The Planning Department processes applications relating to land subdivision, zoning, and other land use permits. For example:

  • Changes of Zoning Map
  • Subdivisions (a.k.a., plats)
  • Special Permits
  • Use Permits
  • Street and Alley Vacation
  • Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Waivers of Standards
  • Annexation and Annexation Agreements
  • Amendments to Regulatory Text

How complete is information on PATS?

The database from which PATS draws information was started in 2003 and contains information on over 12,000 applications. As new applications are submitted to the Planning Department for review, they are added to the database. Selected information from applications submitted prior to 2000 have also been added but this information is typically less complete.

Can there be more than one application for any one site?

Yes. In certain instances there may be multiple applications for any given site. If there are multiple applications, the application numbers of the related proposals will be shown.

Do I need to know an application's number in order to use the website?

No. The "Search Screen" allows you to explore and view applications within subareas of the City without knowing a specific application number.

I saw a "yellow zoning sign." How can I find out what's being proposed?

The yellow zoning signs are placed near properties where a planning application has been applied for. To see what planning action is being sought, go to the PATS Zoning Action Sign interactive map and click on the "yellow zoning sign icon" you saw. This will return information about the application.

How can I view the planning regulations pertinent to the application?

The City Ordinances regulating zoning, as well as the companion regulations for the County can be viewed on the "Zoning" page of the Planning Department website. The City Ordinances regulating subdivisions, as well as the companion regulations for the County can be viewed on the "Subdivisions" page of the Planning Department website.

Who can I contact at the Planning Department for more information?

Each application is assigned to a specific staff Planner in the Planning Department. This Planner's name will be shown as part of the information displayed for the application. You may email the Planner by clicking on their name. If you are seeking more general information, you may email the Planning Department at or call 402-441-7491 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays).