Transitional Living

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department sponsored a text amendment to the Lincoln Zoning Ordinance related to alternative to imprisonment facilities, which were renamed as transitional living facilities. The text amendment modified the zoning approval process and added standards that all new facilities will be required to meet.

Transitional living facilities provide transitional housing to help individuals integrate into the community including those released from prison. They house persons on pre-release, work-release, probationary, and similar programs.

Final Adopted Changes

In November 2020, the Lincoln City Council approved changes to the regulations for transitional living.  The approved ordinance and other documents associated with the amendment can be viewed here.  The City Council also approved a continued moratorium on new applications for transitional living until January 31, 2021.

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department at or (402) 441-7491.

The map below identifies properties that may be allowed to be used for transitional living facilities.  A transitional living facility is defined as a facility affiliated with an alternative to imprisonment program including, but not limited to, diversion, pre-release, work-release, parole, probationary, or residential re-entry pro­grams, where more than three persons who are unrelated by blood, marriage, or adoption reside. 

NOTE:  This map is only to be used for transitional living.  It does not determine potential locations for any other group living or group homes.  The final determination of eligibility will be determined by a review by staff.