Final Edition FY 2016/17 - 2021/22

The approved Final Edition of the 2016/17 - 2021/22 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is now available. This CIP was found to be in conformance with the Lincoln City/Lancaster County 2040 Comprehensive Plan by the Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Commission. Years 1 & 2 of the CIP become the Capital Budget for fiscal years 2016/2017 & 2017/2018 which began September 1, 2016.

Download entire CIP(PDF, 4MB) document.


Amendments to CIP

(these amendments have been incorporated into the text)
  • Project 0048 has been updated(PDF, 227KB) in the CIP to reflect a change in scope and funding. The new water distribution main at Rokeby from 84th Street to 94th Street (previously 91st Street) is in the CIP in FY 16/17. An annexation agreement and MOU with LES has been approved and the funding for the project will come from LES.