Complete Streets

In September 2013, Mayor Beutler signed Executive Order 086476 which approved Administrative Regulation No. 35 establishing a policy for the development of Complete Streets. The purpose for this Executive Order/Administrative Regulation was to encourage the design and operation of a transportation system that is safe and convenient for all users, regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportation through the development of Complete Streets. The Complete Streets policy sets out to coordinate projects relating to the design, planning, construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of public and private streets, or development projects which would substantially impact or cause construction of public or private streets between City of Lincoln departments.

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are public and private streets that include some combination of appropriate infrastructure, as determined by the surrounding context, that accommodate all modes of transportation, including private vehicles, public transportation, walking, and bicycling. For more detailed information on Complete Streets, please visit the National Complete Streets Coalition.

Complete Streets Committee

Through the Executive Order/Administrative Regulation, a Complete Streets Committee was formed to discuss how to implement Complete Streets within the community. The committee is an interdepartmental group comprised or representatives from Planning, Public Works & Utilities, StarTran, Urban Development, Building and Safety, Parks and Recreation, and the Health Department. In the Fiscal Year 2014/15-2019/20 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), $50,000 has been appropriated for "Complete Streets" type projects annually bringing the six year total to $300,000 for projects that fit within the Complete Streets scope. The committee has drafted a Gap Analysis study to review where there are gaps and where money could be spent to assist with making the transportation network complete for all users.