Mission and Goals

Mission Statementlpdlogo_large.gif

"We, the members of the Lincoln Police Department, working with all people, are committed to providing quality services that promote a safe and secure community."

Organization Values

We are committed to ...

  • preserving life, and enhancing the quality of life in an inclusive and diverse community.
  • an environment that encourages problem solving, by both ourselves and the community.
  • being responsible for our actions and taking ownership for our work.
  • our community, our profession, and to each other.
  • educating ourselves and our community about the causes, resolution, and prevention of crime and disorder.
  • human dignity and the worth of all individuals.

Goal Statement

  • Ensure that all persons may pursue their lawful activities without fear or impediment by maintaining public order.
  • Reduce the impact of crime, fear of crime, and public disorder on the daily lives of Lincoln residents through patrol, crime prevention, criminal investigation, and law enforcement.
  • Respond to calls for service and other public needs promptly in order to provide services which resolve problems and protect persons and property.
  • Manage the fiscal, capital, information, and personnel resources of the department with efficiency and care.
  • Develop and maintain open relationships and communications with other agencies, organizations, and the public at large.
  • Protect safe and orderly transportation through traffic direction, law enforcement, and crash investigation.
  • Recruit and retain the best possible employees, reflecting the diversity of our population.
  • Provide employees with opportunities for meaningful work, challenging goals, and growth throughout their career.