Drug Impaired Driving Traffic Enforcement Project Set for April 19-20

Published on April 15, 2024

The Lincoln Police Department (LPD) today announced it will conduct a specialized traffic enforcement project April 19 and 20 focused on drug-impaired drivers. The effort is part of the nationwide “Drug Impaired Driving” campaign.

During the project, additional officers will be assigned to monitor potential increases in drug-impaired driving. Officers working on this detail have received advanced training regarding drugged driving detection and will focus on apprehending impaired drivers with intent to prevent serious crashes.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation-Highway Safety Office is funding the overtime necessary for increased enforcement during this campaign.

LPD urges drivers to remember that “If you feel different, you drive different” and that drivers face the same legal repercussions for driving high as they do for driving under the influence of alcohol. Drugs impair reaction time, the ability to perceive information, and remove the ability to operate a vehicle in a cautious manner. This can lead to crashes that seriously injure members of our community. 


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