O Street Traffic Enforcement Project | Summer 2023

Published on May 03, 2023

In an effort to help reduce traffic crashes and promote motor vehicle safety, the Lincoln Police Department will be conducting a high visibility traffic enforcement detail on several yet to be determined nights and weekends throughout the summer.

The objective of the detail is to focus on issues such as speeding and reckless driving occurring on O Street. This detail will run from May until the end of August and shall employ several different techniques to address this problem.

In 2022, O Street between 17th Street and 84th Street accounted for nine of the highest crash locations in the city of Lincoln. It also continues to be an area that consistently receives community complaints of speeding, racing, loud exhaust and other reckless driving behaviors. These types of complaints and motor vehicle crashes are of great concern for both the police department and community alike. The Lincoln Police Department takes these types of complaints and driving behaviors seriously. This project is being conducted to both help promote safe driving behavior and reduce the frequency of motor vehicle crashes.

The Lincoln Police Department is committed to addressing these unsafe driving behaviors and will take a zero-tolerance approach to any reckless driving behaviors observed throughout this detail.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation-Highway Safety Office is providing overtime funding for increased enforcement during this detail. It is our hope that by raising awareness, along with added enforcement, we can help reduce the number of traffic crashes resulting in injury or death.


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