Homelessness in Lincoln

Homelessness rates in the City of Lincoln have fallen by more than 50% since 2012. This is a result of tireless effort put forth by many different organizations in Lincoln, including the Lincoln Police Department. We recognize that there are many factors that lead to homelessness, including mental health, substance abuse, and a lack of access to necessary resources. LPD is one member of a city-wide coalition of organizations formed to address homelessness in our community. We work with social workers, neighborhood associations, The Bridge, CenterPointe, MHA, Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach, Downtown Lincoln Association (DLA), U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, People's City Mission, and the Community Action Program to impact this problem.

Officers will contact and refer homeless individuals to these services when appropriate. We also collaborate with our partners as well as local business owners and property owners to educate them on homelessness and enlist their support in developing long-term plans to improve this issue. If necessary, LPD will also take enforcement action and issue citations when appropriate. We want to be clear that our focus has never been to criminalize homelessness. Rather, our focus regarding this issue has always been to collaborate with the community to find a long-term solution.