Canine Unit

For many years, canines have proven to be a valuable resource to the Lincoln Police Department. The Canine Unit was formed in the early 1960's and now consists of five canine officers and their partners. Lincoln's canines perform a variety of duties including suspect tracks, building searches, drug detection, explosives detection and open-area searches.

The officers and their canines work, train, and live together which allows for a special bond that is formed between the officer and the canine. This is a tremendous asset when working the streets.



Officer Drew Arnold & Dredd


Officer Drew Arnold has been an officer with LPD since May of 2010 and a canine handler since 2014. Dredd, a Belgian Malinois, was selected for the LPD Canine Unit in 2022. Dredd is certified in narcotics detection and patrol disciplines.


Officer Sam Housh & Eros




Officer Samuel Housh has been an officer with LPD since 2016 and was selected as a canine handler in 2018. Eros a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia. He is trained as a dual purpose canine, certified in narcotics detection, patrol, tracking, and evidence recovery.  

Officer Chris Howard & Bo




Officer Chris Howard has been an officer with LPD since December 2007 and a canine handler since 2013. Bo, a Belgian Malinois/German Shepard mix, was selected to be Officer Howard's partner in 2022. Bo is certified in narcotics detection, patrol and tracking.

Officer Matt Pulec & Koby



Officer Matt Pulec has been an officer with LPD since November 2008 and was selected as a canine handler in 2013. In 2020, Koby, a German Shepard/Belgian Malinois, was chosen as Officer Pulec's partner. Koby is the first explosives detection certified canine for LPD. He is also certified in patrol which includes building searches, suspect apprehension, tracking, and evidence detection.

Officer Dan Linsner

Officer Dan Linsner has been an officer with LPD since July 2020. He was chosen as a canine handler in December 2023. Once the new canine is selected, they will complete state certification together. Photos of this team coming soon!