Community Police Teams

Map of Community Police Teams Service Areas

Primary police services in Lincoln are delivered by over 200 officers assigned to five geographical teams. These teams are commanded by a police captain, and staffed by a group of officers, sergeants, and civilian public service officers. Three of the five teams operate out of full-service team stations.

The Southeast Team Station is situated near S. 70th & Pine Lake Road, the Center Team Station can be found on the corner of N. 27th & Holdrege and the Northeast Team Station is located just east of N. 48th & Huntington Avenue. The Northwest and Southwest Teams operate out of the police headquarters with smaller substations outfitted within their team areas to increase productivity and response times.

In addition, each team captain has a citizen advisory council to facilitate communication between the team members and the community, and to assist the team in its decision-making, such as establishing priorities and devising strategies.





Center Team

Center Team StationPhoto of Central Team Station at 1501 N. 27th Street

1501 N. 27th Street 

Geographically, the Center Team is situated in the heart of the city. Its borders include the downtown and Haymarket areas, the University of Nebraska, and several diverse, vibrant neighborhoods such as Clinton-Malone, Hartley, Hawley and a portion of Woods Park. Commissioned officers who serve the Center Team area report for work each day at the police station located at 1501 N. 27th Street. The public service desk counter is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Lincoln Police Department has set aside a locations inside and outside the Center Team Station as a meeting place for exchanges. This could include pre-arranged online transactions, child custody exchanges, etc. Similar initiatives are in place across the country in an attempt to minimize frauds and robberies which have occurred when meeting with a stranger. Follow the link for more information about Swap Spot.  


Captain Don Scheinost

Captain Don Scheinost 1501 N. 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68503

Captain Don Scheinost has been a member of the Lincoln Police Department since 1989. During his career with LPD, he has served as a duty commander, planning and research sergeant, and has been an officer or supervisor across the city. Captain Scheinost also has been an academy instructor in numerous disciplines. Captain Scheinost holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State College. He is also a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. Captain Scheinost serves on several boards of directors for non-profit organizations as well.

History of the Bike Patrol

Cover of the Lincoln Police Department Bike Patrol History document(PDF, 12MB) The Lincoln Police Bike Patrol began in 1988 when Officer Mark Domangue looked for a more efficient way for foot patrol officers to answer calls in the downtown area. A year later, the inclusion of bikes in regular patrol during second shift made way for the conversion from a foot patrol squad to a formalized bike patrol in 1990. Bikes were donated by area businesses and the first police bike patrol in the State of Nebraska was formed. In 2004, a year by year history of the bike patrol was created to commemorate fifteen years. Click on the image to view the document, which includes photos and clippings of highlights through the years. 

Northeast Team

Northeast Team Station

4843 Huntington Avenue

The Northeast Team encompasses the area north of O Street and east of 33rd Street to the city limits. This area includes the historical neighborhoods of Bethany, Havelock and University Place. The Northeast Team has one of two stand-alone police facilities, which brings police services to the center of the team area. Located 4843 Huntington, just adjacent to Wesleyan Campus, it is in the heart of University Place. The building, originally constructed as a telephone exchange in the mid 1920's, has been completely remodeled as a functional police station capable of acting as a back up to any existing police facility.

Northeast Team StationThe station maintains walk-in hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Citizens can access police services at the station during these hours, or any time by calling 402-441-3003. Northeast Team officers report for work and end their shifts at 49th & Huntington. All vehicles, equipment and essential facilities are in place to provide police services to northeast residents 24 hours a day, every day.

The station also has ample meeting space for our community partners and we will happily host groups working to improve or maintain the high quality of life and excellent public safety partnerships. We are proud of this fine facility and our doors are open to the community.

We are committed to addressing the public safety concerns of our community and pledge to address crime issues through quality investigations and proactive strategies to reduce crime.

Captain Mayde McGuire1251_s.jpg

4843 Huntington
Lincoln, NE 68504

Northwest Team

Northwest Team

January 7, 1999 saw a revision in the structure of the Lincoln Police Department. The number of community based police teams was expanded to five with the addition of the Northwest Team. The restructuring and addition has been consistent with the police departments goal to better serve the community. The Northwest Team has attempted to better reach the citizens within the team by having several substations accessible to residents.

The employees who work for the Northwest Team continue to work hard within the team on projects such as participation in a Citizen Advisory Panel, the pairing of officers with elementary schools and several Problem Oriented Policing Projects to impact area issues. The members of the team are committed to working hand in hand with residents on concerns of the team area in which they live.

Captain Anthony Butler

Captain Anthony Butler 575 S. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

Captain Anthony Butler began his career with the Lincoln Police Department in September 1987. Captain Butler was promoted to sergeant and spent time as a supervisor on the street as well as in Internal Affairs. He was promoted to Captain in January 2007 and served as Duty Commander prior to being selected as the Northwest Team Captain.

Southeast Team

Southeast Team StationSEStation.jpg

6601 Pine Lake Road


Union College
3800 S. 48th Street

Southeast Team is, geographically, the largest of the five police teams in Lincoln. It spans south from O Street, east from 27th Street, and south and east from 14th and Pine Lake, to the city limits. Captain Mike Woolman leads the team as they cover two major medical facilities, multiple shopping centers and 35 schools. Members of the Southeast Team strive to be involved in the many community events throughout the year. The Southeast Team partners with several organizations on the team, including the Honu House, Cedars Youth Services and Veterans Affairs, to provide a high quality police service that promotes a safe and secure community for the rapidly growing team area. The Southeast Team Station / LFR Station #15 is a joint facility located at 66th Street and Pine Lake Road. The new station allows both agencies to more efficiently respond to incidents in the community and also establish a stronger working relationship between the two agencies.

Captain Mike Woolman

Captain Mike Woolman 6601 Pine Lake Road 
Lincoln, NE 68516

Captain Mike Woolman has been a member of the Lincoln Police Department since September of 1987, and is currently assigned as the commanding officer of the Southeast Team. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in Organizational Management and graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2012. During his career at LPD, he has worked as a Field Training Officer Coordinator, Internal Resource Officer, Planning and Research Sergeant, Southwest Team Captain and Duty Commander. Captain Woolman is also a former commander of the Canine Unit and Field Force.

Southwest Team

Southwest Team


F Street Community Center
1225 F Street

Bess Dodson Walt Library
6701 S. 14th Street

Bryan West Campus
2300 S. 16th Street

The Southwest Team is a rapidly growing, active and vital part of the city. The boundaries of our team begin at South 27th Street on the east border. The north boundary runs along G Street and Capital Parkway. The always expanding city limits are the boundaries on the west and south side of the team.

The diverse nature of our team area allows our officers the opportunity to work with a cross section of the community that includes many cultures and nationalities from around the world. The types of calls for service generated by having Bryan Medical Center - West Campus on the team area has given our officers insight and empathy to the individuals and their families who are affected by mental health issues.

The 40 full time employees who work for the Southwest Team continue to work hard within the team on projects such as participation in a Citizen Advisory Panel, the pairing of officers with elementary schools and several Problem Oriented Policing Projects to impact area problems.

The members of the team are committed to working hand in hand with residents on issues and
concerns of the area in which they live.

Captain Michon Morrow

Captain Michon Morrow 575 S. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

Captain Michon has been a member of the Lincoln Police Department since 1995. She started her career in the Victim/Witness Unit before becoming a commissioned officer in December 1997. She holds a Master's Degree in Forensic Science, Behavioral Studies, from Nebraska Wesleyan University. During her tenure, she has served as Field Training Officer, Domestic Violence Investigator, Sergeant and Duty Commander. Captain Morrow is currently the commanding officer of the Southwest Team. She is also the coordinator and a facilitator for the IACP Leadership in Police Organizations Program for 16 agencies in Eastern Nebraska.