School Resource Officers


School Resource Officers have been part of the Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln Public Schools since 1971. The numbers of officers assigned to the schools has varied during the history of the program, but the communication, building relationships in advance of unthinkable events, sharing experiences in the classroom and being another positive influence has remained consistent.

Safe and Successful Kids 

Keeping our kids safe and helping them to be successful in school and in their lives is the foundation of a strong community. It’s a job shared by City government, our school system and our community partners. The Safe and Successful Kids Interlocal Board was formed to focus not just on keeping kids safe in school, but also on the everyday challenges our students face.

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About School Resource Officers

SROs are elite officers whom we have assigned through a highly competitive selection process. Candidates for the position of SRO must demonstrate not only their aptitude as a police officer, but also their ability to communicate and interact with kids, their community involvement, and their commitment to youth development. In addition, LPS school administrators provide input to LPD about SRO candidates.

In short, those who earn the opportunity to serve as SROs are veteran officers who display a passion to serve and protect our children. But passion isn't enough-we also require our SROs to complete extensive training. Selected candidates complete training from the National Association of School Resource Officers, with an emphasis on the topic of effective building relationships and working with teenagers.

In partnership with Region V Systems of Health, SROs receive additional youth-focused Behavioral Threat Assessment (BETA) training to better equip them for the school setting. Per our General Orders, SROs (as well as all Lincoln police officers) also complete annual mandatory training concerning implicit bias, cultural competency, and de-escalation.

By policy and practice, School Resource Officers employ discretion. We train our SROs to recognize that not every school disturbance requires enforcement action or entry into the criminal justice system. Instead, many incidents can be resolved by connecting students to resources, collaborating with school officials, or simply having a conversation with a student.

The SRO is a specialized position within the Lincoln Police Department, which assigns an officer to a school as his or her beat area. This specialized assignment allows the SRO an opportunity to develop relationships with students and staff, and provides time for the SRO to focus on individual school needs.

LPS and LPD agree that student discipline practices and referrals to the juvenile justice system need to be closely monitored to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all LPS students. All parties acknowledge that crime prevention is most effective when LPS, LPD, parents, behavioral health professionals, and the community are working in a positive and collaborative manner. Ultimately, this builds positive relationships leading to better student outcomes.


High School SROs

holm_s.jpg East High School

Officer Mike Holm graduated from UNL with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. He has been an officer with LPD since June 1992 and has been a field training officer and a high school SRO at Northeast, Southeast and Southwest High Schools. Mike is married and has four children. Officer Holm has enjoyed working in the Lincoln Public School system in the past and looks forward to developing new relationships with East High students and staff. Go Spartans!  E-mail Officer Holm

hauser.jpg Lincoln High School

Officer Nolan Hauser has been an officer with the Lincoln Police Department since May of 2009. Nolan has been a patrol officer on all four Lincoln Police teams and is currently a Field Training Officer, teaching new officers.  Nolan is originally from Arnold, Nebraska, where he grew up on a small farm. Nolan is married, has four children,  and enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing.  Nolan looks forward to getting to know the Lincoln High students and staff.  E-mail Officer Hauser

Dostal.jpg Northeast High School

Officer Colby Dostal has been an officer with Lincoln Police Department since December of 2015. Officer Dostal is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and received a bachelor's degree in political science from Wayne State College. He also spends his free time going to the gym, enjoying time with friends and family, and working on the family farm. Colby has one dog.  E-mail Officer Dostal

jensen_s.jpg North Star High School

Officer Shane Jensen has been an officer with the Lincoln Police Department since May of 2009. Officer Jensen is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and is a graduate of Lincoln High School. Officer Jensen has been a patrol officer on the Southwest, Northwest and Center Teams as well as previously working as the SRO for North Star from 2014-2017. He is also a defensive tactics and firearms instructor for the department who assists with the training of new recruits and veteran officers. Officer Jensen has been married to his wife since 2003 and has two children. E-mail Officer Jensen

kmorrow.jpg Northwest High School

Officer Kenny Morrow has been with the police department since 1998. He has previously served as the SRO at North Star.  He enjoys working with kids and staff in the high schools.  When he's not in the schools, Officer Morrow gravitates to the work on night shift. E-mail Officer Morrow


carmichael.jpg Southeast High School

Officer Timothy Carmichael has been an officer with the Lincoln Police Department since May 2008 and was recently selected as the SRO for Southeast High. Biography coming soon!

E-mail Officer Carmichael

Amen_s.jpg Southwest High School

Officer Travis Amen has been a police officer since 2001, and prior to that he was an elementary teacher with LPS. Officer Amen has been an Investigator in the Special Victims Unit specializing in crimes against children and is a Field Training Officer helping to teach new officers and recruits. He previously served as the School Resource Officer at East High School.  E-mail Officer Amen


Pickering_s.jpg Standing Bear High School

Officer Al Pickering has been a Lincoln police officer since 2001. Officer Pickering has been the SRO at Lincoln East High, Lux and Moore Middle Schools. Officer Pickering is married and has one child in college. He enjoys traveling, hiking America's national parks, Husker athletics and hanging out at his sister's pool in the summer. E-mail Officer Pickering

Middle School SROs

schiefelbein.jpg Culler & Lefler Middle Schools

Officer Matt Schiefelbein has been an officer with the Lincoln Police Department since December of 2010. Officer Schiefelbein grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and earned his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Memphis before coming to Lincoln. Officer Schiefelbein has served as a field training officer and an internal resource officer while working patrol on the Northeast, Southeast, and Center teams. Officer Schiefelbein has been married to his wife since 2010 and has two children. E-mail Officer Schiefelbein

cleland.jpg Dawes & Mickle Middle Schools

Officer Cameron Cleland was born in Iowa and raised in Nebraska. He graduated from Osceola High School and worked on their family farm before he joined the Army National Guard. He served as a radio operator and a chaplain's assistant while deployed to assist with efforts in Kosovo and Macedonia. Officer Cleland has been a member of the Lincoln Police Department since 1999. He was a public service officer for three years prior to being selected for the LPD academy. During his career, he has been a defensive tactics instructor, a field training officer and criminal investigator. He currently teaches Tactical Communication & De-escalation for the police academy. E-mail Officer Cleland

meester.jpg Goodrich & Schoo Middle Schools

Officer Rodney Meester has been an officer with the Lincoln Police Department since December 2017. He previously spent 10 years working with children and youth in an after-school and summer day-camp setting. He has an associate's degree from Southeast Community College, a bachelor's degree from University of Nebraska Kearney, and takes graduate classes in Youth Development at University of Nebraska Lincoln. He is married and has one child. E-mail Officer Meester

pference_s.jpg Irving & Park Middle Schools

Officer Ference has been with the police department since 2000. He has previously served as a temporary SRO at North Star High School. He has also been a member of the Lincoln/Lancaster County Narcotics Task Force. Officer Ference enjoys golf, fishing, Husker sports and all the major Pittsburgh professional sports teams. E-mail Officer Ference

Kennett.jpg Lux & Moore Middle Schools

Officer Shawn Kennett graduated from UNL with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. He has been an officer with LPD since January 1997.  He was an SRO for ten years and was previously assigned to Culler, Mickle and Bryan HS. He has also filled in as an SRO at numerous LPS schools over the years. He enjoys time with family, sports and golfing.  E-mail Officer Kennett

Brenner.jpg Pound & Scott Middle Schools

Officer Rob Brenner has been with the the Lincoln Police Department since June of 1998. He is originally from Sidney, Nebraska and received a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with a minor in sociology from University of Nebraska - LIncoln/Omaha.  He has worked uniform patrol for most of his career on the Southwest, Northwest and Center Teams. Rob has been a Field Training Officer, Academy Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and temporary SRO at Parks and Scott Middle Schools. Rob is married and has 3 children. He enjoys time with family, sports, and doing projects around the house. E-mail Officer Brenner