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1501 N. 27th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska

Two stalls on the north side of the station are marked with signs bearing the Swap Spot logo.

The Lincoln Police Department has set aside locations inside and outside the N. 27th & Holdrege station as a meeting place for exchanges. This could include pre-arranged online transactions, child custody exchanges, etc. Similar initiatives are in place across the country in an attempt to minimize frauds and robberies which have occurred when meeting with a stranger.

The Lincoln Police Department permits the physical exchange of items/currency within the public lobbies of department facilities during regular operating hours only and in parking lots between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. All sales, trades, transactions, and child custody exchanges are purely civil matters which must be agreed upon by all involved parties prior to arriving on city property. LPD employees or officers will not act as arbitrators, mediators, witnesses, or direct supervisors of transactions or exchanges. LPD does not guarantee the safety of any persons utilizing the Swap Spot service and will not be liable for any criminal activity which may occur during a transaction or exchange. Citizens are welcomed and encouraged to utilize LPD lobbies and the Swap Spot service, but will do so at their own risk.

Rules of Swap Spot

  • The Swap Spot service is available at the LPD Northwest Team station located at 1501 N. 27th Street (NW corner of N. 27th and Holdrege Street).
  • In the event of an emergency, parties must call 911 to receive assistance. LPD will not provide officers/employees to directly supervise transactions.
  • All transactions and exchanges are purely civil matters. LPD will not intervene in determining fair market value of items or goods and will not act as a mediator, arbitrator, witness, or direct supervisor for any transaction or custody exchange.
  • No weapons, drugs, medication, or hazardous items (chemicals, explosives, etc.) will be allowed to be traded utilizing the Swap Spot service.
  • Under no circumstance may any children or items be left unattended on LPD property. If children are left unattended, the parents, guardians, or responsible party may be criminally prosecuted.
  • LPD Service Desk personnel may check items upon request to verify if they are stolen. If items are found to be stolen, an officer will be requested to respond and seize the property. No refunds or compensation will be provided for items found to be stolen.
  • All buyers/sellers are encouraged to verify the identity of persons they are interacting with. If you are given a cashier's check, money order, or other equivalent, call the bank (via the number listed online, not one provided to you by the person giving you the check) to verify validity of the check or funds.
  • Video evidence will be retained for 10 days. Any requests for video must be made within that timeframe. Any requests beyond 30 days will not be accommodated.
  • Beware of common scams, such as checks for amounts higher than the amount of the transaction or persons requesting pre-paid cards instead of currency.


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