Monthly Parking

Monthly Parking Overview

Monthly parking allows permit holders to park in a specific garage or lot for one monthly flat rate. Each facility offers a different rate, and some facilities offer a digital permit. Monthly accounts are not prorated. Whole-month increments only.  

To view facility details, click on a facility in the map below.

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Monthly Parking Openings

Monthly parking is available in the following facilities: 


  • Carriage Park Garage
  • Center Park Garage
  • Eagle Garage
  • Larson Garage
  • M Street Garage
  • Market Place Garage
  • Que Place Garage
  • Red 1 Garage
  • Green 2 Garage
  • Blue 3 Garage
  • Gold 4 Garage


  • 19th & Q Lot
  • Depot South Lot
  • Holdrege Big X Lot
  • 230 S. 9th Lot

Don’t see your facility of choice? Add yourself to the wait list, below.

Wait List

Our wait listed facilities are:


  • Cornhusker Square Garage
  • Haymarket Garage
  • Lumberworks Garage
  • University Garage

If your facility of choice has a wait list, please click the link below and follow the instructions to add yourself to the wait list.

Wait List

Monthly Parking Permit Agreement

Please complete, sign, and bring the Monthly Parking Permit Agreement to the Parking Office. A completed agreement can also be emailed to, but the permit holder still needs to visit our office to pick up the keycard.

Monthly Parking Permit Agreement(PDF, 2MB)

Monthly parkers who opted out of automatic withdrawal can pay invoices here:

Make a Payment


When cancelling this type of monthly parking, we need cancellation in writing; whether it’s an email, letter, or in our office. Phone calls will not be accepted as a cancellation notice. Send email cancellations to and please include your name, garage, and the date you would like to cancel. No refunds will be made for partial months.

Digital Permit Monthly Parking

Click Digital Permit below to set up a digital permit account or log in to make a payment or make changes to an account. Digital permits give monthly parkers access to a garage or lot without the use of a hangtag or keycard. The facilities are enforced by license plate, so a current license plate number and vehicle description needs to be on the account. No license plate? Enter the last six digits of your VIN with "VIN" in front of it (I.e. VIN123456). As soon as you get plates, log in and update your account online.

Note: Businesses setting up multiple parking spaces need to contact the Parking Office.

To cancel a permit un-select “auto-renew” on your account and stop paying for parking. 

Digital Permit