Garage Parking Fee

Garage Parking Fee

If you received a Garage Parking Fee in one of our Park & Go facilities, pay with a credit/debit card by clicking “Pay Now” below. There is a $2.70 processing fee per parking fee. Check or money order payments can be mailed or brought to our office at 1100 “N” Street.

Pay Now

If you are interested in monthly parking or received a parking fee because you forgot to renew your monthly parking, follow the Digital Permit link below.

Digital Permit Monthly Parking

Follow the Digital Permit link below to set up a digital permit account or log in to make a payment or make changes to an account. Digital Permits give monthly parkers access to a garage or lot without the use of a hangtag or keycard. The facilities are enforced by license plate, so a current license plate number and vehicle description needs to be on the account. No license plate yet? Enter the last six digits of your VIN with "VIN" in front of it (I.e. VIN123456). As soon as you get plates, log in and update your account online.

Note: Businesses setting up multiple parking spaces need to contact the Parking Office.

To cancel a permit unselect “auto-renew” on your account and stop paying for parking. 

Digital Permits