i-Park Card

i-Park Card

An i-Park card is a prepaid, value card used each time you enter and exit the parking facilities. It eliminates the need for cash and check payments, as well as speeds up the time it takes to exit the garage. You can pick up your i-Park card at the Parking Office.

How much does the i-Park Card cost?

i-Park participants receive a 20% bonus value. That’s $6 for every $30 you put on the card.

Increments and Bonus Rates:

Parking Value

Your Cost








How do I use my i-Park card?

Swipe your card when you enter and exit a garage. After you exit, the time spent in the garage is calculated, and the appropriate fee is deducted from your balance.


Can I add more value to the card?

Yes, visit the i-Park verification site to load more money onto your card. You can also call us or visit the Parking Office.


Where can I use the i-Park Card?

  • Blue 3 – 535 P Street
  • Carriage Park – 1128 L Street
  • Center Park – 1120 N Street
  • Cornhusker Square – 1220 L Street
  • Green 2 – 530 P Street
  • Haymarket – 848 Q Street
  • Larson Building – 1317 Q Street
  • Lumberworks – 700 N Street
  • Market Place – 925 Q Street
  • Que Place – 1111 Q Street
  • Red 1 – 555 R Street
  • University Square – 101 N 14th Street

Participants will have access to these facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week subject to availability and special event prepays.


What do I do when my card balance is low?

You can use your card until it has a $0 balance. If you want to add more value, return to the i-Park verification site. If not reloading your card, take a ticket and pay the regular daily rate.


Why does my i-Park card say “unreadable” when I try to use it?

The magnetic strip on your card is very sensitive and should be kept away from magnets or magnetic surfaces such as credit cards or cell phones. When you swipe the card and the message you get is “unreadable,” your card has been de-magnetized. Please stop by the Parking Office to replace it.


Will these cards work on Husker Football game days or special events?

Validated or discounted parking is not accepted during special event *prepays such as Arena concerts, football games, Lied Center events, etc. *A prepay is a flat rate we collect upon entry to the parking facility. It alleviates the “run out” after an event.


What if I lose my i-Park Card?

If your card is lost or damaged, a new one can be issued in the Parking Office. Parking Services is not liable for stolen value on any card.


Can I be refunded for parking I do not use?

The value of these cards is neither refundable nor transferable.