Validation coupons allow you to prepay for guest parking without the need for cash & check payments. They are sold in one-hour increments, up to all-day coupons, with the first hour being FREE.

Businesses can use coupons to validate part-time employee parking as well. If employees are encouraged to use the coupons, more on-street parking can be kept open for potential patrons. Also see i-Park Card below.


Where can I get Validations?

You can pick up your validation coupons in the main Parking Office at 1100 “N” Street in Lincoln, NE 68508, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Note: Please call in your order a day ahead of time, as these are made-to-order coupons.


How do I use Validations?

Validation coupons are immediately activated upon purchase. For example: If you are a business that is using them to pay for your patrons’ parking, give them a coupon for the hours parked. They will use their entry ticket and validation coupon to exit. For more information on how to use them while exiting the facility, check out the Express Parc infographic.

2020 Express Parc Card.jpg

How much do Validations cost?

The cost of a validation coupon is $1.25 for each hour, but the first hour is FREE on us! All-day coupons are $11.25 each.


Where can I use validation coupons?

Validation coupons are valid and regular rates apply at the following City owned parking facilities:

Blue 3 – 535 P Street
Carriage Park – 1128 L Street
Center Park – 1120 N Street
Cornhusker Square – 1220 L Street
Green 2 – 530 P Street
Haymarket – 848 Q Street
Larson Building – 1317 Q Street
Lumberworks – 700 N Street
Market Place – 925 Q Street
Que Place – 1111 Q Street
Red 1 – 555 R Street
University Square – 101 N 14th Street

Participants will have access to these facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week subject to availability and special event prepays.

Will these cards work on Husker Football game days or special events?

Validated parking is not accepted during special event *prepays such as Arena concerts, football games, Lied Center events, etc. *A prepay is a flat rate we collect upon entry to the parking facility. It alleviates “run out” after an event.


Can validation coupons be refunded?

No refunds will be issued for any unused coupons.