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City of Lincoln flag

The City of Lincoln flag was adopted by the City Council on January 24, 2022. The flag was selected through a contest organized by the American Marketing Association - Lincoln and Lincoln Young Professionals Group.

The winning design, entitled All Roads Lead to Lincoln, was created by Ed Mejia, a local art director and graphic designer who immigrated to the United States from El Salvador. His design was inspired by the sight of Lincoln’s skyline emerging on the otherwise flat horizon as he first drove into town. He drew inspiration from art deco architecture and native artwork displayed inside the capitol building and used intersecting lines to capture the interconnection of technology, agriculture, and commerce that have drawn people to Lincoln throughout our past, present, and into the future. The beacon featured in the center of the design symbolizes the hope and optimism that the people of Lincoln are known for, as well as our reputation as a safe harbor for those seeking to make our community their home.

Some of the recognizable imagery implied by the lines are a sunrise, the state capitol building, and an aerial view of the traditional center of town (the star located at 13th and O Street). The teal green is a nod to Lincoln’s verdant tapestry of parks, trails, trees, and green spaces – and the home of the Arbor Day Foundation. The deep blue represents groundwater aquifers, an abundant and valuable natural resource significant to our region. The warm gold represents a bright future and a place where all are warmly welcomed.

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City Flag Protocol

  • The City Flag shall be displayed on city property with honor and shall be flown with dignity and respect.
  • The City Flag may be displayed in municipal offices and on city property, carried in parades and displayed at other occasions and locations.
  • The Mayor or their designee is authorized to order the raising or lowering to a half-mast position of city flags at properties and facilities owned or operated by the City of Lincoln, or on the grounds of the County-City Building.
  • When a City Flag is no longer a fitting emblem for display and becomes unserviceable or when it becomes faded or torn, it should be retired from further service with respect.

In the interest of fostering civic pride, the colors, design and theme of the City Flag of Lincoln may be creatively and enthusiastically promoted as an open-source design to be embraced throughout our City.


City of Lincoln Flag Seal