Housing and Utility Assistance Available

If the pandemic has prevented you from paying for housing and utilities, financial assistance from the City of Lincoln may be available to you.

Money to pay for gas, electricity and water bills, and rent payments is available now to those who qualify. These funds do not have to be repaid. To qualify, you must meet income guidelines, and need must be a result of COVID-19.

Emergency Rental Assistance Tenant Application 

Information for Landlords(PDF, 64KB) 

Policies and Procedures(PDF, 204KB)


For assistance or to apply by telephone, call 402-441-4942.

Household Size Income Limit for Assistance
1 $46,000
2 $52,600
3 $59,150
4 $65,700
5 $71,000
6 $76,250
7 $81,500
8 $86,750


Emergency Rental Assistance Program to end in December – Guidance for Applications 

Beginning July 31, 2022, rental assistance will only be available for new applicants and those households who have recently submitted an application that is still being processed. Households who have already had past due rent paid, or who have been receiving rental assistance every three months, will not be considered for additional assistance after July 31st.  These changes are to save enough funding to assist applicants who have yet to receive any assistance, between August 1st and the end of the program in December.

As part of the planned close-out of the Emergency Rental Assistance program, rent and utility assistance will be limited to new applicants, or households who have already submitted an application that is still being processed, beginning July 31st, 2022

  • After July 31st no renewal applications for assistance (rent or utilities) will be processed.  
  • From July 31st forward, tenants who have previously received assistance for past due and/or 3 months forward, will no longer be eligible for this program.
  • Applications processed and paid during the month of July 2022 will be eligible for past due and rent 3 months forward (July, August, and September). 
  • New applications, and those applications recently submitted and still being processed from tenants who have not received any rent or utility assistance to date will continue to be processed for payment through the end of the program in December, or until an application deadline is announced.

Since July of 2020, the City of Lincoln has received (including reallocated funds from State of Nebraska) approximately $42 million dollars in Emergency Rental Assistance Treasury funds (ERA 1).  The U.S. Department of the Treasury stipulates that ERA 1 dollars must be spent by December 31, 2022.  To date, approximately 5,000 unduplicated households have received rent and utility assistance.  The City of Lincoln pays out at an average of $514,000 in assistance each week.  Current projections indicate funds will be completely expended by the end of the year.   


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