Housing and Utility Assistance

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The All Doors Lead Home Coordinated Entry System is the City of Lincoln’s approach to organizing and providing housing services to prevent homelessness and for people experiencing homelessness. Because housing resources are limited, this process is designed to ensure that individuals and families with the highest vulnerability and service needs receive top priority in housing placement.

Coordinated Entry will:

  • Divert people away from the homeless services system who have other safe options for housing, so they never enter homelessness.
  • Help open the system by moving people more quickly through the referral process.
  • Reduce duplication of efforts and help serve individuals better.
  • Reduce frustration for service providers through targeting and engagement efforts.
  • Quickly move people from homelessness by connecting them to the most appropriate housing program available.
  • Assist communities with ending homelessness.
  • Be good stewards of limited resources.

The first step is to complete the information on the application found here: Lincoln Prevention Assistance Triage Tool

For additional help that may be available, visit MyLink.