City of Lincoln Launches New Logo for its New Golden Era

Published on March 29, 2024

New visual identity represents City’s commitment to growing the great life for all

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird today announced a new City of Lincoln logo as part of Grow the Great Life Week. Each day, Mayor Gaylor Baird and community partners have featured City achievements and initiatives designed to strengthen the economy, grow the workforce, support local businesses, and enhance the overall quality of life in Lincoln.

"The City of Lincoln’s new logo stands as a symbol of our commitment to growing the great life for all,” said Mayor Gaylor Baird. “This new, unique visual emblem was carefully designed to enhance our community’s recognition of City services and grow economic opportunity by showcasing Lincoln's appeal as the quality-of-life capital, where all are welcome.”

Mayor Gaylor Baird said that the City's new logo creates a consistent visual identity across City departments. Previously, numerous logos from various eras and departments were in use, causing confusion for residents in identifying City staff and services. This unified approach will streamline recognition, ensuring the community can easily grasp the diverse ways in which the City serves their needs.

Under the new branding, City departments use single color versions of the star design. One of the project priorities was to ensure that residents could easily identify and differentiate between departments, said Mayor Gaylor Baird.

The logo includes an eight-pointed star, with different colors to represent the City’s multifacetedness and inclusivity, where every person, community and City department has a place and a vital role, said Raleigh Drennon, Co-Owner and Executive Creative Director of Agent, the Lincoln-based branding, advertising and design agency responsible for the logo. The eight-pointed star is found throughout many cultures and belief systems, including American folk art and Native American art motifs.

“Agent was founded because we love Lincoln and wanted to pursue our creative careers here, so we are very grateful to have been given this opportunity,” Drennon said. “We were drawn to the challenge of creating a visual identity that needed to work effectively for the City’s multiple departments and functions, while also showcasing the City to the residents it serves every day.”

The research and design project cost $57,400. The City will first introduce the new branding on digital and social media accounts March 29.

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