City Offers Bike Racks for Lincoln Business, Property Owners

Published on April 01, 2024

The City of Lincoln invites business and property owners who need additional public bike parking to apply for free bike racks. To apply for the bike rack program, visit and select the “Bike Rack Request Program” button.

Stephanie Rouse, Transportation Planner, said the bike rack distribution is an effort by the Complete Streets Program to accommodate all modes of transportation in the design of public and private streets in Lincoln.

“Biking is a great way to stay healthy and active, while running errands or getting to work,” Rouse said. “Having a safe and secure place to lock your bike upon arrival is important.”

The bike rack guidelines are as follows:

  • The request should be for a location on public property. If racks must be installed on private property due to right-of-way constraints, the property owner must sign an agreement to maintain the rack and public access.
  • There must be a demonstrated need for the bike parking.
  • Buildings or businesses that are required to provide bike parking as a condition of a planning entitlement or building permit do not qualify.

Rouse said Planning Department staff visits applicants’ addresses to determine there if adequate space to properly install racks without compromising access or conflicting with pedestrian space. The Complete Streets Committee reviews requests based on the information provided on the request form and the site visit. If approved, the location will be marked with spray paint and City staff will proceed with installation. For racks installed on private property, an agreement must be signed prior to installation.

For more information on the bike rack program, call 402-441-6373. For more information on the Complete Streets Program, visit