Cleaner Streams Program Adopt-A-Stream Registration Form

Adopting a stream helps ensure the long-term health and beauty of an adopted stream section. Adopt-A-Stream is open to groups and organizations that wish to maintain a section of their local stream on a regular basis.

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The following stream segments are already adopted:

  • Stream NameLocationOrganizationApprox. Distance
  • Antelope Creek 27th to 33rd UNL Biology Club.6 miles
  • Antelope Creek 40th to 56th LPS Science Focus Program1.2 miles
  • Antelope Creek Military to Y Sustain UNL.5 miles
  • Antelope Creek Y to N UNL Engineers without Borders.9 miles
  • Antelope Creek N to 27th Woods Park Neighborhood Association.8 miles
  • Antelope Creek Old Cheney to Pine Lake Vintage Heights Homeowners Association1.3 miles
  • Antelope Park Tributary Garfield Street to South Street The Eden Project.4 miles
  • Antelope Park Tributary South Street to Van Dorn Country Club Neighborhood Association.6 miles
  • Beal Slough 27th to 40th Midwest Bank1.6 miles
  • Beal Slough 40th to 48th Troop 93 - Boy Scouts of America.6 miles
  • Beal Slough Peterson Park The Flatwater Group.4 miles
  • Deadmans RunEnglewood Dr. to 80thLincoln Area Master Naturalists.9 miles
  • Deadmans RunHuntington to 48thUNL Wildlife Club1 mile
  • Deadmans Run 48th to 56th University Place Community Organization.6 miles
  • Deadmans Run 56th to Sycamore / Bethany Park Clayton Brammeier2.2 miles
  • Lynn Creek 9th to Adams / I-180 to Superior Seip and Erks Family1 mile
  • Lynn Creek Adams to ManattClayton Brammeier.5 miles
  • Oak Lake Charleston and Sun Valley JEO Consulting Group1.6 miles
  • Salt Creek West “O” to Railroad Bridge EA Engineering.5 miles
  • Salt Creek Railroad Bridge to Charleston Felsburg Holt & Ullevig.6 miles
  • Salt Creek Rosa Parks Way to “A” Street Olsson.5 miles
  • Salt Creek South to “A” Street UNL College of Law – Environmental and Agricultural Law Society.5 miles
  • Salt Creek Wilderness Park near 1st and Calvert Wilderness Nature Camp.1 miles
  • Salt Creek Tributary Old Cheney to Warlick REGA Engineering Group, Inc..4 miles
What activities are you interested in doing?
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Cleanup Dates

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Terms and Conditions
  • The group must commit to an adoption period of one year. The adoption may be renewed each year by notifying the Stream Cleanup Coordinator.
  • The group shall organize a minimum of two cleanups per year.
  • All participants must review safety precautions prior to each cleanup.
  • All participants must sign the release of liability. The release can be signed on the day of a cleanup event if the participant is 19 or older. Minors under the age of 19 must have the release signed by a parent or guardian, unless participants are covered under a general liability policy (e.g. Boy Scouts).
  • The group shall not trespass or interfere with the rights of private landowners.
  • The group agrees to notify the Stream Cleanup Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the cleanup if supplies are being requested.
  • The group agrees to document their cleanup activities and submit a report to the Stream Cleanup Coordinator.
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