Infrastructure Projects

Traffic Signal Upgrades

Cleaner Greener Lincoln provided Public Works the necessary funding to upgrade the 1,411 incandescent light bulbs to LEDs. It is estimated these changes will result in an 85% energy savings and over $70,000 in savings in tax payer dollars.

City Streetlight Upgrades

Street lighting costs the City of Lincoln millions of dollars a year in energy, and one way to reduce that cost is to move towards the use of much more efficient lighting products. This project is demonstrating the values of more efficient lighting, and helping to pay for new pedestrian and streetscape LED lighting that was installed as part of several new redeveloped street projects. These new lights both save money in direct energy costs and lower maintenance and replacement costs, and provide strong, more natural illumination.

Energy Saving Residential Trees

Cleaner Greener Lincoln is using funds to purchase dozens of new energy saving residential trees, to be planted on the west and south sides of Lincoln's buildings. The new trees help the City meet its need for replacing its urban canopy, while also saving energy and money.

Renewable Energy Intersection Project

Partnering with UNL, LES, and Public Works, this project looks at how to use small renewable energy alternatives to power the intersection at 84th and Highway 2, and may expand to several other intersections in Lincoln. The produced energy is tied into the grid and also allows intersections to work during power outages.