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Progress Measures & Program Prioritization 2009 - 2010

Taking Charge: Progress Measures & Program Prioritization 2009 - 2010

Citywide Outcome Priority #7: Accountable Government

Priority Goal #1: Ensure the efficient and effective application of public resources and maintain a high standard of financial stability of the City.


Bond Ratings: National rating firms determine the interest rate and other conditions under which a City can borrow. "Double A" and "Triple A" ratings indicate that the bond agencies believe the City's fiscal status is strong.

Revenue & Spending Forecasting: Accurate forecasting is important toward the development of a budget that best meets community needs. The Finance Department's budget office tracks property valuations to project property tax revenues, sales tax receipts and overall City spending.

Financial Management: The Finance Department's City Comptroller and City Treasurer manage the City's day-to-day financial affairs and provide the appropriate level of scrutiny over City spending. The Purchasing Division provides for competitive bidding on City needs to ensure City tax dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. Grants from various federal, state, and non-profit sources help keep pressure off of City tax revenues.

Progress Indicators:

  1. Maintain rate of accurately forecasting revenues within 3.5% of projection.
  2. Maintain actual rate of spending by each Department to within 5% of projection.
  3. Maintain 70% success rate in grant applications from federal, state, nonprofit and other sources.
  4. Receive a Triple A rating from one of the three major bond rating agencies for the City's General Obligation Bonds.
  5. Receive a Double A rating from at least one of the three major bond rating agencies for the City's major enterprise operations: Water, Wastewater and Electricity.
  6. Maintain the level of bid protests to no more than 1% per year of the total of all formal procurements made by the Purchasing Division.
Goal #1 Tier 1 Programs Departments
City Treasurer Finance
City Comptroller Finance
Purchasing Finance
Budget preparation Finance
Goal #1 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Permit distribution and fee collection Finance

Priority Goal #2: Provide for a well informed public able to fully access City services and participate in local government.


A Well Informed Public: Lincoln residents need adequate information on the choices made by City government to provide the appropriate level of oversight. The Citizen Information Center educates citizens through a variety of efforts: news releases; public information meetings and town halls; programming on government access cable TV channels 5 and 10; the City Web site; printed publications; and paid advertising.

Progress Indicators:

  1. Increase by five points a year the percentage of people who can correctly identify the City's share of the total property tax levy.
  2. Increase the number of feedback calls received by Channel 5 and the number of video-on-demand (VOD) users by 10 percent a year.
  3. Maintain percentage of departments and divisions who rate CIC graphic services, video services and media/public information services as "good" or "excellent" at 75%.
Goal #2 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Public engagement Citizen Information Center
Government access TV Citizen Information Center
Graphic design services Citizen Information Center
Information Services- public Finance
Goal #2 Tier 3 Programs Departments
TV bulletin board Citizen Information Center
Educational access TV Citizen Information Center

Priority Goal #3: Ensure a fair and ethical resolution to discrimination complaints.


Housing, Employment and Public Accommodations Discrimination: The Lincoln Commission on Human Rights (LCHR) enforces Title 11 of Lincoln Municipal Code by investigating, holding public hearings and issuing findings on complaints alleging discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, family status, age, ancestry, marital status and retaliation.

Progress Indicators:

  1. Maintain rate of 90% of all employment and public accommodation civil rights cases closed within 180 days.
  2. Maintain rate of 90% of all housing civil rights cases closed within 100 days.
  3. Maintain rate of 95% of all cases submitted by Lincoln Commission on Human Rights that are accepted by federal agencies for reimbursement.
  4. Maintain customer satisfaction rate of at least 80% for Lincoln Commission Human Rights educational services.
Goal #3 Tier 1 Programs Departments
Discrimination complaints Human Rights
Goal #3 Tier 2 Programs Departments
Ombudsman Mayor's Office

Priority Goal #4: Provide a diverse, qualified, experienced and productive workforce sufficient to ensure the community of Lincoln receives the highest quality public service.


Employee Productivity: As an employer, the City must create a work environment that maximizes productivity, is safe and provides services to the public in the most cost effective manner. The entire employment experience must be attractive to recruit and retain the skilled and diverse workforce the City needs. To help achieve this goal, the Personnel Department will focus on strategies to create an inclusive environment, promote supervisor and employee development, and enhance employee wellness.

Union Relations: The City workforce is represented by six unions (American Transportation Union, Public Association of Government Employees, International Association of Firefighters, Fraternal Order of Police, Lincoln City Employee Association and the Management Class) that each negotiate separate contracts. The interpretation of those agreements can lead to dispute. Minimizing grievances with pro active communication helps maintain a smooth functioning organization.

Progress Indicators:

  1. Increase workforce diversity from 6% to 7%.
  2. Achieve a "satisfactory" score of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 on 75% of City Director and Supervisor surveys designed to measure perceptions of Personnel's customer service.
  3. Achieve a "satisfactory" score of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 on 30% of employee surveys designed to measure perceptions of Personnel's customer service.
  4. Decrease or maintain the number of employee grievances and contract interpretation questions at five or fewer per year through proactive communication with unions.
  5. Increase the percent of employees receiving preventive health care services to 25% by promoting employee wellness strategies to control health costs.
  6. Reduce workplace injuries by 20% through increased awareness of safe work practices.
Goal #4 Tier 1 Programs Department
Information Services- internal Finance
Employee benefit management Personnel
Pay, job classification, and union negotiations Personnel
Employee discipline programs Personnel
Employee development training Personnel
Goal #4 Tier 2 Programs Department
Internal investigation Human Rights
Employee training Human Rights
Employee hiring Personnel

Priority Goal #5: Effectively protect the City's interests.


Defending the City: The City faces more than 300 potential lawsuits each year. Proactively and effectively representing the City's interests in civil litigation in State and Federal Courts and before administrative agencies minimizes taxpayer dollars needed to pay plaintiff judgments. Efforts to keep the City out of court also help reduce taxpayer expense.

Legislative Activities: The Law Department researches and drafts ordinances to minimize legal challenges and protect City interests. State legislative activities and federal regulation compliance issues that impact the City also are reviewed by the Department.

Progress Indicators:

  1. Maintain rate of 95% of all civil litigation cases and administrative hearings handled by in-house Counsel.
  2. Maintain turnaround time of five business days 70% of the time for executive orders/directorial orders received.
Goal #5 Tier 1 Programs Departments
City Council preparation Finance
City record keeping Finance
Civil litigation Law
Legal Services: Civil and Prosecution Divisions Law
Legislation: Civil & Prosecution Division Law
Risk Management Personnel

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