Taking Charge 2014-16

The City has partnered with the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center on the Taking Charge public engagement process since 2008. Since that time, Lincoln residents have made their voices heard on a variety of budget topics, and City Hall has listened. The public's preferences have helped shape the budgets released by the Mayor's Office.

In 2013, the effort focused on a strategic plan of action. More than 1,100 people participating in an online survey re-prioritized the City's outcome areas. About 100 people participating in the October Community Conversations focused on a strategic spending plan in those two areas identified as the top funding priorities, Safety and Security and Efficient Transportation.

Citizens recommended increased funding for street and sidewalk repair and were concerned with the eroding emergency response rate to the edges of the City. You can learn more about this process in the documents below.

For 2014, the program prioritization has been modified to reflect the community's evolving priorities. City programs involving Efficient Transportation and Livable Neighborhoods have been made higher priorities than in the past. Safety and Security remains the highest priority outcome.

The program prioritization lists every City program and its cost to the General Fund budget. The prioritization helps determine which programs are funded when the Mayor's budget is released in July.

A Study of the Strategic Budgeting Priorities of the Residents of Lincoln, Nebraska

This report presents the results of the 2014 Taking Charge initiative sponsored by the City of Lincoln. This year's Taking Charge activities included an online discussion forum and online survey. The survey and discussion both emphasized two public safety priorities: Upgrading the public safety radio system and implementing a fire station relocation plan. In addition, residents were asked to rate and rank the importance of several programs identified by City officials as possible areas for future investments.

Feedback pertaining to the findings of this report and how they might relate to prioritizing City services can be directed to mayor@lincoln.ne.gov. Feedback, questions and comments pertaining to the study design, survey procedures, and analyses in this report can be sent to Lisa PytlikZillig at lpytlikz@nebraska.edu.

Taking Charge 2014 Final Report