Homeowner Electrical Projects

The current code allows homeowners to permit small projects such as wiring switches, receptacles, lights, fans, and some utilization equipment. i.e. garbage disposals, dishwashers, water heaters, clothes dryers, ranges, microwaves, trash compactors. These are all items that are attached to branch circuits and can be wired by a homeowner. Owners/Homeowners can both request dormant service inspections. Dormant service inspections are made on services to structures that have been de-energized for a period of two years or longer, or if the power supplier deems the service in need of inspection prior to re-energizing.

Apply for Permit

Step 1.Review the requirements

Only the owner of the residence can apply for the permit.  The permitting process is can only be done by the property owner and they must reside in the home to pull a permit.  Property owners cannot pull an electrical permit on a rental house, rewiring of a townhouse, condominium, duplex, or multi-family. 

You must presently own, and be living in the detached single family dwelling.

The house cannot be in the process of being prepared for sale, not a rental property, or for intended use for becoming a rental property. 

All code requirements for electrical permits are available in Chapter 23.10 ELECTRICAL CODE

Step 2.Application Process

This application will take about 35 minutes to complete your application.

You will need to create an account at Citizen Access as a homeowner. 

A walkthrough guide is available under the Citizen Access information page

Are you needing the legal address? Use the County Assessor's Site.  

Step 3.Make your payment

You can pay online through Citizen Access.

You’re able to use a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.  

All permits will have a minimum $35 fee. Additional fees may apply.

The $35 charge will cover a certified inspector to come out to inspect the work that has been completed. Additional Trips are $35.

Step 4.Schedule an inspection

The permit issued must be inspected before any work is concealed. Must be inspected when the installation of work is completed.

You can schedule an inspection through Citizen Access or calling the 24 -hour inspection line at 402-441-5999. 

Please have your permit number, date for inspection, and access instructions if necessary. 

Non-compliance with the codes may result in a reinspection fee. 

Electrical Contractor Required

The following are things that a homeowner MUST hire an electrical contractor to take out the permit and do all of the electrical work for:

  • Services – New, rewire, repair, replace, upgrade etc.
  • Alternate energy sources – Generators, transfer switches and equipment, solar, wind, hydrogen, hydro, energy recovery, batteries, rotary phase etc.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs along with any associated building construction for a pool or hot tub.

Only the owner of a detached single family residence can apply for a permit. You must be presently residing in the detached single family dwelling. The home cannot be in the process of being prepared for sale, cannot be a rental property, or intended for use as a rental property.

Permits are valid for 90 days for issuance. You can extend the time by written request to Building and Safety department and attention the request to the Chief Electrical Inspector.

You can find the City of Lincoln’s electrical code chapter 23.10. of the LMC on the city attorney’s website.

For help with understanding these requirements, give us a call at 402-441-7521 and ask for an electrical inspector, or locate your house on our MAP and call your area inspector directly at the phone number given.