Mechanical Contractors

Step 1.Review the requirements

Contractors must have current registration, insurance, and bond on file to pull permits.

Contractors can complete their registration through Visual Vault prior to issuing permit.

All code requirements for mechanical permits are available at Chapter 25.06 LINCOLN MECHANICAL CODE 

International Mechanical Codes

Hydronics Code

International Mechanical Code (2018 Edition) & Local Amendments

International Fuel Gas Code (2018 Edition) & Local Amendments

Lincoln Hydronics Code & Local Amendments

Step 2.Application Process

This application will take about 10 minutes to complete your application.

Are you needing the legal address? Use the County Assessor's Site

Is your project in a commercial building or shared property space? Use the GIS Map.

Step 3.Make your payment

You can pay online through Citizen Access

You’re able to use a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover

All permits will have a minimum $35 fee. Each service will be an additional fee.

The $35 charge will cover a certified inspector to come out to inspect the work that has been completed. Additional Trips are $35.

Step 4.Schedule an inspection

The permit issued must be inspected before any work is concealed. Must be inspected when the installation of the work is completed.

You can schedule an inspection through Citizen Access or calling the 24 -hour inspection line at 402-441-5999. For instructions on how to access the inspector information can be found on the inspection page.

Please have your permit number, date for inspection, and access instructions if necessary.