Plumbing Contractors Licensing and Registration

Step 1.Licensing and Registrations

  • Each contractor needs to meet the minimum requirements outlined in the municipal code
  • Continuing education requirements include:
    •  a master plumber contractor or master plumber to have 10 hours
    • a journeyman plumber to have 6 hours
  • These hours can be submitted through the visual vault system by uploading them to the CEU section
  • Helpful videos can be found click here
  • Submit an annual registration in Visual Vault by May 31st. Registrations will continue to be accepted until July 31st or the last working day in July.  

Step 2.Common Questions

  • Will this website work on my phone?  Visual Vault is not mobile friendly.  Please use a desktop or lap top computer.
  • Is there an app available?  No, not currently.
  • What do I do if email has changed, and I cannot access my registration and I do not receive the notifications?  Send a written request to with your full name, old email, and the new email address you would like to us moving forward.  This update can take up to 24-hours to receive. 
  • What do I do if I forgot my password?  Click Forgot Password to generate a temporary password.  You will need to create a new password within 24 hours of receiving the notification. 
  • How do I update the contractor I work for?  Log-in, go to My Profile, click Registrations, then Edit, update the contractor field, click Save.
  • How early can I submit my continuing education hours?  You can start submitting continuing education hours for the next years license after May 31st for next renewal year.
  • How early can I submit my registration for a Master Contractor, Master, or Journeyman’s registration?  You can submit as early as January 1st.  You can upgrade your license at any time. 
  • Can apprentice complete their registration before a Master Contractor?  No, the system will only allow you submit registrations for people that have completed their registrations.  If you select the wrong contractor, that contractor will need to deny your request before you are able to select the correct contractor.  

Step 3.Yearly License/ Registration Fees

  • Master Contractor Plumber- $250
  • Master Plumber- $75
  • Journeyman- $50
  • Apprentice- $25