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We have a new system for Apartment Licenses, which means a new way of applying for and renewing Apartment Licenses. Please see our Related Information for How to Renew an Apartment License - Video. If you get a message or an error during this process please call us at 402-441-7521 so we can report this to our VisualVault Support team. 

  • The Housing Section is responsible for the enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code, residential zoning restrictions, and the permitting requirements for apartment buildings. Housing inspectors make routine inspections of apartment buildings and respond to complaints on residential properties.
  • The City of Lincoln Housing Code and the Nebraska Landlord-Tenant Act require landlords to comply with the community’s minimum housing codes concerning health and safety. The landlord must make all repairs to keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition; keep the common areas clean and safe; and maintain whatever facilities are supplied such as the furnace, plumbing and elevators.
  • Tenants also must comply with all community housing codes. They must keep the dwelling unit as clean and safe as conditions permit, dispose of garbage, keep the plumbing clean and use the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling facilities in a reasonable manner. 
  • Listed below are the brochures for Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities.

Landlord Tenant Brochure - English(PDF, 748KB)

Landlord Tenant Brochure - Arabic(PDF, 591KB)

Landlord Tenant Brochure - Chinese(PDF, 1MB)

Landlord Tenant Brochure - Karen(PDF, 1MB)

Landlord Tenant Brochure - Spanish(PDF, 1MB)

Landlord Tenant Brochure - Vietnamese(PDF, 627KB)

The following is a list of some of the most common items required by City of Lincoln Code for Title 21 Housing and Apartment Licensing 5.38

Fire, Safety and Egress

  • Is there an approved exit from every sleeping room? Do basement bedrooms have approved exits? Are apartment entry doors into common hallways self-closing? Does your apartment have a smoke detector? NOTE: NEB. REV. STAT. §81- 5144(2) states: “The occupant shall be responsible for replacement of the battery...” Smoke detectors are required in every bedroom, and carbon monoxide detectors are required near bedrooms in properties with gas fired appliances or attached garages.

Garbage and Rubbish

  • Is there an accumulation of garbage, litter and rubbish in your apartment? Is there an accumulation of garbage or debris on the grounds of the property?

Rodents and Insects

  • Is there evidence of rodents, roaches or other insects in your apartment? Are window screens provided between May 15th and October 1st to keep flies and mosquitoes out?


  • Is the building structurally sound in all respects and provided with handrails, guardrails and a sound foundation?


  • Are all switches, outlets, fixtures and surface-mounted conduits secure and in good repair? Does the bathroom and kitchen contain at least one ceiling or wall light? Does each habitable room have at least two electrical outlets? Are extension cords being used?


  • Do plumbing fixtures drain properly and not leak? Are they clean, sanitary and operable?

Light, Ventilation, Windows and Doors

  • Does the bathroom have an exhaust fan or operable window? Is there adequate window area to provide the required light and ventilation in all rooms? Are the doors and windows working properly? Are they reasonably weather-tight?

Mechanical Systems and Appliances

  • Does the furnace supply adequate heat? Do the appliances provided by the owner work properly? Do all gas appliances have a gas shut off valve within three feet of the appliance?

Rain and Ground Water Leaks

  • Does the roof, foundation, ceiling, floor or wall leak water?

Overcrowding and Occupancy

  • A single apartment may have no more than three unrelated people living in it. An apartment must have at least one room with at least 120 square feet. All sleeping rooms must have at least 70 square feet.


  • Are all combustible materials properly stored or separated from furnaces and water heaters?

Other Concerns and Common Areas

  • This is not a comprehensive list. If you have questions about other maintenance or safety issues in your apartment, the exterior of your building or the common areas, please feel free to call Building and Safety with your questions or concerns.

For Legal Information and/or Assistance

For any legal information or assistance please visit the sites below.

Community Action Partnership is for tenant support services. 

1. Login to you VisualVault Rentals Account

2. Click on New>Rentals>New Building Construction


3. Fill in the Property section of the application>Click Next


4. Click OK on messages



5. Once the property information is appears, fill in the Owner Information>Click Next


6. Click OK on messages



7. Enter in number of units for the aparment building>Click in total due box so it auto calculates total>click Pay Fee


8. Click OK on the messages



9. Click calculate Invoice on the Invoice screen that pops up


10. Click Ok on the message


11. Your Invoice will appear>select ACH or Credit Card for Payment>A dialog box will popup for payment information>Click OK>Click Pay Invoice

NOTE: Any unpaid fees will calculate on the invoice.


12. Once paid you will be able to print a receipt by clicking print receipt>Click OK>A copy of your receipt will popup to print or export




13. Please see our Pay Invoice Video if you need additional information on viewing and paying your billing.

NOTE: The billing process is the same for both operational permits and rentals.