West Haymarket JPA

 Pinnacle Bank Arena

The West Haymarket Redevelopment Project is a multi-faceted endeavor to revitalize underutilized property that lies on the western edge of Lincoln’s downtown and Haymarket district. On May 11, 2010, the citizens of Lincoln voted to approve the issuance of arena bonds, which signaled approval for the project to proceed. The project involved the relocation and elimination of existing railroad tracks and completion of other site preparation activities, the construction of Pinnacle Bank Arena, a 15,223 seat civic arena, a community ice center, private retail and office space, a new Amtrak Station, residential units, surface and decked parking, public gathering areas, street and utility improvements, landscaping, trails and walkways, pedestrian bridges, and environmental enhancements. Pinnacle Bank Arena opened and became fully operational in September 2013. The West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (WHJPA) is the governmental agency responsible for oversight of the project, for issuing bonds, collecting revenue, and making bond payments over the course of the Project. Participants in the agency are the City and the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. 

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