Food Truck Program

The City of Lincoln has amended the Vendor Truck Ordinance to allow vendor trucks to operate in the B-3 and B-4 zoning districts, including Downtown at certain parallel-metered parking stalls, as well as in certain residential areas.  For public safety purposes, certain permits are required to operate vendor trucks on public property. 


Apply for the Food Truck Program

Step 1.Health Department - Food Establishment Permit

Have your Food Establishment Permit ready. If you don’t have one, schedule an inspection with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 402-441-6280

Step 2.Fire Prevention - Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Operational Permit

If required, have your Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Operational Permit ready.

Any food trucks equipped with appliances that produce smoke or grease-laden vapor (fryers, grills, broilers, char-broilers, stoves, ranges, kettles, etc.) are required to be inspected by Fire Prevention. If you are unsure whether you need an inspection, please call Thomas Schmidt at 402-441-6435 for assistance.

To acquire this permit, register for an inspection with Building and Safety – Fire Prevention.

Operational Permits

You will be required to log in or create a new VisualVault Account.

Select New Operational Permit. The Operational Permit Type is Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle.

All applicants who do not have a Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Operational Permit must obtain an inspection within 30 days of receiving their Food Truck Program Permit.

Step 3.City Clerk - Food Truck Program Permit

Apply with the City Clerk’s Office to obtain a Food Truck Program Permit.

Food Truck Program Application

Step 4.Park & Go - Select and Reserve Location

Select the area you wish to vend from:

  • Downtown

    Visit Park & Go’s Food Truck Parking Meter Hoods page to see available metered spaces and the application required to reserve them. Reservation requests must be made at least two days in advance. There is a $10 hooding fee per meter per stall. Contact Park & Go at 402-441-PARK for assistance.

  • Residential

    To park in a residential area, the food truck operator must park on streets where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour or less and be lawfully parked for a private event immediately adjacent to the owner or renter permitting such event. Said permission for a private or neighborhood event in residentially-zoned districts shall not exceed four hours. The applicant does not need a reservation from Park & Go.

Step 5.Submit Occupation Tax

Make monthly/quarterly Occupation Tax payments for Restaurant/Bar to the City of Lincoln.

Occupation Taxes