Public Health Informatics & Planning


The Public Health Informatics & Planning Division is committed to enriching the lives of all people so that individuals have the knowledge and support they need to assume responsibility for their own health. Our team is responsible for investigating reportable communicable disease cases, promoting immunization to prevent disease outbreaks, monitoring health status indicators and conditions in the community and planning and preparing for potential public health emergencies.

Communicable Disease Staff

  • Receive reports from labs, hospitals and health care providers on communicable diseases
  • Investigate individual cases, clusters and outbreaks of communicable disease in the community
  • Work with other divisions, local providers and the state to put in place measures to control the spread of communicable disease
  • Utilize both active and passive surveillance to detect communicable diseases early
  • Promote immunizations for vaccine preventable diseases

Epidemiology Team & GIS Analyst

  • Collects, analyzes and disseminates health data, including geospatial data
  • Assesses the health and resource needs of the community

Emergency Response Coordinator

  • Plans and prepares for the most likely public health emergencies
  • Communicates, coordinates, trains and exercises with our community partners
  • Manages grants for building capabilities to respond to disasters and emergency events

Information Management Team and Quality Assurance Coordinator

  • Provide support for all Lincoln Lancaster County Department activities.

In addition, all our trained staff work with schools, community groups, other City/County Departments, hospitals, and businesses/organizations within Lincoln and Lancaster County.