2020 Vision

A Strategic Plan for the Department of Public Works and Utilities

The City of Lincoln is on the move. We are a growing and thriving community; nationally emerging and recognized as a premier American city for businesses, entrepreneurs, young people, retirees and families. Lincoln’s population has grown by over 140,000 people since 1958 and in that same amount of time, the City went from 25 square miles to over 90 square miles; a 265% increase. What that means for the Department of Public Works and Utilities is growing infrastructure and service demands. In order to successfully support Lincoln’s continued growth and prosperity, the Department must establish a strategic mindset that is aimed at continual improvement of vital infrastructure and services coupled with a sustainable and responsible approach to the management of public resources.

The Department of Public Works and Utilities provides quality of life, core services that are fundamental to basic human needs, such as:

Transportation Services

  • Public Transit (StarTran)
  • Transportation Network Design & Construction
  • Public Right-of-Way Management & Development Services
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Street, Fleet and Facilities Maintenance

Utility Services

  • Lincoln Water System
  • Lincoln Wastewater System
  • Watershed Management (Stormwater & Floodplain)
  • Solid Waste Management (Disposal and Recycling)

While each Division is unique, what we all share in common is that we impact every citizen’s life with our programs and services. Together, we make up the Department of Public Works and Utilities.