2020 Vision - A Strategic Plan for the Department of Public Works and Utilities (2018)

We are a growing and thriving community; nationally emerging and recognized as a premier American city for businesses, entrepreneurs, young people, retirees and families. In order to successfully support Lincoln’s continued growth and prosperity, the Department must establish a strategic mindset that is aimed at continual improvement of vital infrastructure and services coupled with a sustainable and responsible approach to the management of public resources.


Access Management Policy

Access management balances the need to provide access to individual properties and developments while protecting the effective and safe flow of traffic on the surrounding road system. The City is publishing these standards to the public in one clear, easily accessible document. The goal is to provide our community, including neighborhoods, developers and property owners thorough, clear guidelines to be used in finding the correct balance between our competing values.

Financial Statements and Schedules

Financial Statements and Schedules for Lincoln Water System, Solid Waste Management Fund, Lincoln Wastewater System

Lincoln Water System Facilities Master Plan (May 2014)

The 2014 Facilities Master Plan provides a guide for the short-term and long-term improvements for the infrastructure of LWS through the year 2060.

Lincoln Wastewater System Facilities Master Plans

The overall goal of the Wastewater Facilities Master Plan Update is to determine and verify the capacity of the existing facilities, and to identify collection and treatment system modifications that are required to provide efficient wastewater collection and treatment service; provide for continued protection of public health and the environment; comply with relevant operating permits, regulations, and other requirements; continue growth and development policies of providing gravity sanitary sewer service in drainage basins.

Solid Waste Management Plan (November 2013)

The Solid Waste Management Plan for Lincoln and Lancaster County is a guidance document, communication tool, and a resource for policy decisions regarding solid waste management systems, facilities and programs.

Transit Development Plan (April 2016)

The Transit Development Plan Study included a comprehensive evaluation of existing service, in terms of route design, service levels, ridership, and customer amenities. The study also evaluated population characteristics, travel patterns, and employment densities to identify areas and corridors with high transit demand. The study identified service gaps, transit needs, and opportunities for service improvements. We also gathered input from the community on how to improve transit in Lincoln.

Watershed Master Plans

The City of Lincoln (City) and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (NRD) are in the process of developing a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for the City of Lincoln and its future growth areas. This comprehensive watershed plan is being developed basin by basin, through the completion of watershed master plans for individual basins. Watershed master plans are used as planning tools to be referenced in conjunction with proposed development and as a guide in the preparation of future capital improvement projects (CIPs).