Country Club Neighborhood Street Improvements

Project Summary

Lincoln on the Move is investing in improvements to several streets in the Country Club Neighborhood:

  • Bradfield Drive from Sheridan Boulevard to South Street
  • Sewell Street from Bradfield Drive to Winthrop Road
  • Rathbone Road from Van Dorn Street to Plymouth Avenue
  • Van Dorn Street from Sheridan Boulevard to end of street
  • William Street from Sheridan Boulevard to Van Dorn Street

Project Location

Funding Details

This project is programmed as a part of the commitment to voters to invest significant sales tax funds into improvement of existing streets. The project will be funded jointly from the Street Improvement Vehicle Tax – Residential Rehab fund (aka-Wheel Tax) and ¼ cent sales tax for street in accordance with ballot language.


This project is scheduled for construction in 2024.

Access During Construction

The streets will be closed to through traffic during construction. Access to individual properties will be maintained for the majority of construction. The traveling public is encouraged to find alternative routes and to use the WAZE app for assistance.

Public Open House

A public open house is scheduled regarding street and water main improvements in the Country Club Neighborhood.

Thursday, March 14, 2024 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Sheridan Elementary School, 3100 Plymouth Avenue

Project Contacts


Country Club Area Water Main Replacement