Kahoa Elementary and Eagle Crest Addition Street Improvements

Project Summary

Lincoln on the Move invested in improvements to several streets in the Kahoa Elementary Neighborhood and Eagle Crest Addition. These improvements included a mill and overlay of the existing surface and base repairs where required. The following streets were included:

  • Leighton Avenue from North 70th Street to Dorothy Drive
  • Leighton Avenue from North 76th Street to North 78th Street
  • Garland Street from North 70th Street to North 78th Street
  • Dorothy Drive from Garland Street to Adams Street
  • North 76th Street from Garland Street to Baldwin Avenue
  • Willard Avenue from Dorothy Drive to North 78th Street
  • Talon Road from Peregrine Court to Eagle Crest Road
  • Peregrine Court
  • Talon Court

Additional work with other funding sources included upgrades to the existing curb ramps to comply with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and priority sidewalk repairs.

YouTube video Watch: Before and After (0:13)

Project Location

Funding Details

This project was programmed as a part of the commitment to voters to invest significant sales tax funds into improvement of existing streets. The project was funded jointly from the Street Improvement Vehicle Tax – Residential Rehab fund (aka-Wheel Tax) and ¼ cent sales tax for street in accordance with ballot language.


Construction took place in 2022.

Project Contacts