104th and Holdrege - Intersection Improvements

Project Summary

Lincoln on the Move invested in improvements to the Holdrege Street and North 104th Street Intersection with construction of a new roundabout.

As a part of the City’s commitment in the Waterford Estates - N. 98th & Holdrege annexation agreement of May 2006, this project will promote private sector investment into the community by helping serve 665 approved additional dwelling units and another 700 potential future units and additional commercial space through improving safety and capacity of the transportation system.

YouTube video Watch: Before and After (0:13)

Project Location

Funding Details

This project was approved April 20, 2020 to receive a portion of the 25% of the revenues reserved for construction of new non-residential streets to promote private sector investment after receiving a recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Transportation.

The City already has several annexation agreements with developers regarding new streets in “growth” areas. However, many of these street projects could not get underway due to a lack of funding. The portion of the sales tax for new street construction to promote private sector investment will help these projects move forward.


Construction took place in 2022. The work was done concurrently with a Lincoln Water System water main expansion project to minimize inconvenience for drivers.

Project Contacts

  • Construction Project Manager

    Nate Hoeckelman

  • Contractor

    Micah Messick
    Bauer Infrastructure

  • City Project Manager

    James Puls
    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery