Rokeby from 31st to 40th - Paving Project

Project Summary

This stretch of Rokeby Road from 31st to 40th streets is surrounded by a rapidly growing area. With other street improvements planned to the west on Rokeby Road and to the north on South 40th Street, completing this gravel gap in the street system will help promote further private sector improvements where other infrastructure improvements are being made. The typical section for Rokeby Road is a three lane section.

Project Location

Funding Details

The City would need to amend the annexation agreement with Wilderness Hills and work with the property owner south of Rokeby road on a mutually agreeable solution. The portion of the sales tax for new street construction to promote private sector investment will help this project move forward.


Construction began in September 2021 and is anticipated to be substantially complete in the winter of 2022.

Access During Construction

Rokeby Road is closed to through traffic during construction. Access to individual properties will be maintained.

Project Contacts