West Holdrege from Northwest 48th to Chitwood - Paving Project

Project Summary

This project paved West Holdrege Street east of Northwest 48th Street to the intersection with the future Chitwood Lane and included the construction of a new roundabout. Also included were new water mains and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps and sidewalks. This will help serve future residential development to the north and south.

Lincoln on the Move funding was utilized in accordance with ballot language and supported by the Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT).

YouTube video Watch: After Construction (0:12)

Project Location

Funding Details

The City already has several annexation agreements with developers regarding new streets in “growth” areas. However, many of these street projects could not get underway due to a lack of funding. The portion of the sales tax for new street construction to promote private sector investment will help these projects move forward.


Construction was completed in 2022.

Project Contacts