BikeLNK launched in April 2018 as a transportation alternative that offered users a fun and healthy way of getting around Lincoln. BikeLNK operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has 21 bikeshare stations located across downtown Lincoln and on East Campus(JPG, 250KB). Since its inception, over 121,000 trips have been made and users have biked enough miles to traverse Lincoln 23,640 times!

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How to Use BikeLNK Bikes Riding and Parking 101

Operating Rules

Before riding a bike, know the operating rules:

Bikes are first come first serve.

Only one rider should be on a bike at a time.

Bikes and E-Bikes are allowed on bike trails, bike lanes and city streets.

Bikes are NOT allowed on sidewalks in downtown Lincoln(PNG, 121KB).

To operate an E-Bike, press the power button on the left-hand side of the handlebars right above the small screen.


  • are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet for safety
  • must have parental permission per the user agreement if between the ages of 12 and 19
  • must yield to pedestrians
  • must follow all traffic rules, signals and signs

All passes are for trips of one hour or less. Trips longer than one hour, incur charges of $6 per additional hour the bike is checked out.

To find a station with available bikes, use the BCycle App, your membership fob at the dock or your credit card at the kiosk to access the system. Wait for the beeps and lights to unlock the bike.

Parking Rules

After riding a bike, know the parking rules:

  • There are no integrated locks for users on the bikes; if the bike is unattended for brief times, personal locks are recommended.
  • Users can return bikes to any station in the system that has an open dock.
  • Once at a station, firmly push the front wheel into the arch. Listen for three beeps and look for flashing lights to confirm a successful docking. A user’s trip is “closed” only after docking the bike firmly into a station.
  • A user can check out a bike immediately after returning a bike.
  • Bikes must be docked in a station to end your trip and stop fees.

City Ordinances

The City of Lincoln has established city ordinances that must be followed by both the users and the vendors.

Overall BikeLNK riders should:

  • Follow all traffic rules and laws at all time as bikes have the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles in public right of ways
  • Not ride their bikes on downtown Lincoln sidewalks

COVID-19 Precautions

To help keep users healthy, BikeLNK has the following protocols:

  • Technician staff disinfect all rider contact surfaces on a routine and scheduled basis. Rider contact surfaces include, but are not limited to:
    • Station touchscreens
    • Dock buttons and RFID fob readers
    • Bike handlebars
    • Brake levers
    • Seat and seat post adjustment clamps
  • Management staff will monitor BikeLNK’s various customer service networks to respond in real time to any issues or concerns from users.

Below are some simple steps riders can take to protect themselves while using BikeLNK bikes:

  • Wipe down the bike with disinfectant
  • Wear gloves or mittens while riding as a precaution
  • Wash hands thoroughly after riding
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth before washing hands

Social distancing is a useful tool to slow the spread of COVID-19. Bike share is a great way to commute as it helps with this social distancing. When possible, opting for single occupancy transport, like bike share, may help reduce a user’s risk of exposure as opposed to traveling in shared vehicles.

Contact Information

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