Hydrant Meter Permit

Apply In Person

Step 1.Complete Application and Pay Deposit

  • Hydrant permit application(PDF, 255KB) must be completed from the LWS Shop at 2021 N 27th St (402-441-7571).
  • At the time of issuance, the following deposit and fees will be required:
    1. A security deposit is required for each meter.
      • $1000 for a 1” or
      • $1600 for a 3”
    2. Annual fee of $720.00 per meter (includes water use up to 100 units/year, 8.33 units/month)
    3. Inspection fee of $100.00 per meter

Step 2.Operation and Maintenance

The permittee must abide by all required rules and regulations. See permit application(PDF, 255KB) for details.

Step 3.Return Hydrant Meter

  • Upon return of an undamaged complete hydrant meter to the Lincoln Water Shop:
    1. Security deposit will be refunded. Security Deposit can be transferred to a new meter upon request.
    2. Annual fee will be prorated at a rate of $60.00 per month for each month or partial month used. Refunds of the annual fee will be issued where applicable.
    3. For water usage over 100 units/year (prorated at 8.33units/month), permittee will be billed.
    4. Damages may be assessed and billed to the permittee after inspection.
    5. All refunds, fees, and billing will be issued from the Lincoln Water Business Office after processing.

Failure to return the complete assembly on or before permit expiring December 31st will result in charges being assessed. See permit application(PDF, 255KB) for details.