Bin Buddies

Bin Buddies -- we help you recycle right.Bin Buddies – we help you recycle right.

Do you care about climate change, the environment, the process of recycling, how to recycle correctly, conscious consumption, resource conservation, educating people and sustainable packaging? Do you want to be more knowledgeable about any of the items listed above and share with others in Lincoln and Lancaster County? Then you should join the Bin Buddies Team!

What Can Bin Buddies Do?

Knowledge is power and there are many ways for Bin Buddies to help provide public education in our community. Learn more about each role below, and choose one that fits your engagement style.

Why Are Bin Buddies Needed?

Waste diversion, removing materials from the waste stream deemed for the landfill and instead reducing, reusing, recycling or composting the item, and conscious consumption helps to reduce our impact on the plant. It can help reduce carbon emissions and empower others to know they are doing the right thing. Additionally, placing nonrecyclable items such as food scraps, plastic bags, textiles and more, is called contamination. Too much contamination disrupts the entire recycling process and makes it harder for the recycling processor to sort through all of the recycling received by the company.

Bin Buddies help to provide critical public education the community on how to properly divert materials and to recycling right. Recycling our materials right will ensure that material has the opportunity to be made into something new. Help our office educate your network today by volunteering to become a part of the Bin Buddies team!

Bin Buddies Must:

  1. Be willing to learn;
  2. Be willing to talk to community members about what is and isn’t recyclable;
  3. Have a positive attitude;
  4. Care about recycling and the environment;
  5. Be available for two or more hours at one of our recyclables collection sites;
  6. Be willing to assist if a community member needs help breaking down their cardboard;
  7. Be willing to educate community members and follow up on unknown questions.

Training & Resources Include:

  1. Information on what is/isn’t accepted at recyclables collection sites.
  2. A toolkit on how to identify if something is recyclable.
  3. Q&A tool kit about the recycling process.
  4. Tools to break down cardboard.
  5. Use of safety equipment (safety vest, gloves).
  6. “I’m a Bin Buddy Volunteer” sticker/button/pin.
  7. The knowledge that you are helping to give a product a new life.

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