Lincoln Municipal Golf Committee



 The Lincoln Municipal Golf Advisory Committee, a standing committee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, is organized to gain cost efficiencies and financial sustainability for Lincoln's golf program, to create opportunities to improve the program, and foster effective communication between Lincoln City Golf program staff, contracted PGA Professionals, organized golf associations in Lincoln and the general public.

Number of Members: 11
Members Required for a Quorum: 5
Length of Term: Staggered 3 year term
Term Limit: 6 year limit

For More Information: 402-441-7847


Meetings are held at noon at the fourth Thursday of each month at the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Office, 3130 “O” Street, Suite 300

Minutes and Agendas:

All reports and meeting information is available at


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Monthly Golf Reports

Lincoln City Golf Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Year End Financials (9.1.2019-8.31.2020)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Monthly Reports:


Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Monthly Reports