Densmore Park


A community park including playground and ballfields located south of S 14th and Old Cheney Road.


Acres: 61.54

Densmore Park is a large open area with tree lined pathways and adventurous kids grounds. Densmore Park is located at 6701 S. 14th St. Lincoln, NE 68512. Densmore Park is a community park, meaning it is large enough for the surrounding neighborhood to have access to activities all day long. Densmore is 61.54 acres, which is about 295,245 square yards. Densmore Park has four nice baseball/softball fields. The seating capacity is 200 as well as 200 parking stalls.

Densmore Park has a basketball court, an outdoor gym, a small kids fitness center, and a football field. Densmore soccer field is 80 yards x 120 yards, with about 40 yards of parking stalls. The surface is made up of natural grass. There are no locker rooms, team benches, concessions, coaches area or meeting space, electronic system, lighting and PA system. There are warm up areas on the field.

Ballfield Reservations


These fields are exclusive game and tournament fields. Practice rentals are not allowed.

Address: 6701 South 14th St. 

Total Fields: Four (4) field wagon wheel 

Infields: Skinned agri-lime on 3 & 4 

Grass baseball infield on 1 & 2 

Base Anchors: Fields 3 & 4 – 60’, 65’, 70’, 80’, 90’ 

Fields 1 & 2 - 90’ Only 

Outfield: 300’ radius, 8’ chain link on 3 & 4 

320’-380’, 8’ chain link on 1 & 2 

Lights: MUSCO (2000). Tournament quality 

Restrooms: Permanent restroom in center of complex 

Concessions: Concession stand operated by the city 

Special: Controlled access, covered dugouts 

Electrical Outlet: Available to #1 & #4 ~50’ from backstops

Densmore field reservations are not available online. Contact Lincoln Parks and Recreation Team Sports, 402-441-7892, for more information.

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department will provide the following:

• Initial field dragging and brooming. If games are scheduled to start prior to 9:00am dragging/brooming is not guaranteed.

• Hand tools for field maintenance.

• Barrels and trash bags

• Restroom supplies

Renters Rules and Responsibilities are as Follows:

• Lining fields

• Providing field maintenance between games as needed. This would include raking, dragging, and touching up field lines.

• Keep equipment and storage areas secured and locked when not in use.

• Motor vehicles are not to be on any part of the field, sidewalk, trails, grass or any other area not authorized for motor vehicles

• Tents or other structures needing ground stakes are not to be used.

• Teams are not to be allowed to have “soft toss” batting practice against fences.






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