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With over 6,000 acres of parks and natural land within 166 parks, 183 miles of trails, nine public pools, six recreation centers, five city golf courses, and Pioneers Park Nature Center, Parks and Recreation really is FUNdamental to our quality of life in Lincoln. Our department also manages a total of 164 park units within Lancaster County.


Play Tobacco Free


Play at Lincoln Parks & Recreation areas tobacco free!

Providing quality outdoor recreational parks, facilities and activities for area residents has long been a priority for the City of Lincoln and many private partner organizations. Beginning November 1, 2012, residents will enjoy playing tobacco-free in most of the park areas and facilities owned and managed by the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department. The primary purpose of the new policy is to protect children from the potential dangers of secondhand smoke while at play in City parks. The policy also provides adults the opportunity to be nontobacco using role models to youth on ball fields, in skate parks, and on playgrounds. The policy prohibits use of any form of tobacco products, i.e., cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chew or dip in any park areas or facilities designated as tobacco-free. This is a Parks and Recreation Department policy which will be self-enforced by park users. Although police and/or Park’s staff may ask the tobacco user to stop using tobacco products or leave the park property, tickets will not be issued. The intent is that residents willingly respect the policy and not use tobacco while enjoying Lincoln’s excellent parks and recreation areas. Tobacco-free park areas will be clearly identified by “Play Tobacco-free” signs. Specific park areas designated as tobacco-free include: playgrounds, skate parks, picnic shelters, swimming pools and splash parks including bathhouses and parking lots, Jim Ager (youth) Golf Course, ball fields and multi-use sports fields including concession buildings and surrounding areas, and the fenced area of Pinewood Bowl with the exception of a designated smoking area.

While this policy was established to enhance the public’s health, it also decreases litter in the parks and reduces risk of fire caused by discarded cigarette butts.


Tobacco-Free Facilities 

  • Playgrounds, picnic shelters and skate parks 
  • Outdoor swimming pools and aquatics facilities, including bathhouses and parking areas 
  • Jim Ager Golf Course 
  • Ball fields and multi-use sports fields, including concession buildings and surrounding areas 
  • Outdoor performance venues during community performances and events, including the Sheldnik Bandshell and the Dinsmore Graf Amphitheater 
  • The fenced area of Pinewood Bowl (a designated smoking area is allowed during events with adult audiences) 
  • Pioneers Park Nature Center, including buildings and grounds

    Facilities not affected by the Tobacco-Free Policy: Trails, dog runs, 18 hole golf courses and any green space located in areas defined as parkland when not used for organized contracted events. 


Be sure to check out Tobacco Free Lancaster count coalition for more information.

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