Havelock Park


A neighborhood park in the Havelock neighborhood near 64th and Havelock Streets.

Acres: 3.6

Lincoln residents are probably familiar with the name Ballard, whether it be Ballard Avenue or Ballard Park, Dr. Charles Ballard left a lasting legacy all around town. Something that Lincolnites may not be aware of, Dr. Ballard, along with the Lancaster Land Company, donated the land for Havelock Park in 1905. Over the course of the next year, the band stand, benches, and fences were built and the park opened in the summer of 1906.

The park has been the host of many gatherings including fairs, concerts, and even a miniature circus (1934). Havelock was considered as a location for what would later become the Belmont pool, however, was not selected due to parking concerns. In 1992, The Sowers Club of Lincoln, Havelock Business Association, and the City of Lincoln teamed up to spruce up the park and build a new playground.



N. 64th Street & Ballard Ave., Lincoln 68507  View Map

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