Irvingdale Park

Brown park's sign reads,

A community park located next to the Irving Middle School and Recreation Center near 20th and Van Dorn Streets.


Acres: 15.67



History of Irvingdale Park

October 16, 1929: In 1923, the Van Dorn Playground closed, as it was found that little interest was shown. Six years later, the park was reopened with a facelift and a new name: Irvingdale. Three junior high girls--Edith McMahon, Clarissa Bennett, and Helen Boyd--named the new park Irvingdale. Irvingdale was formerly known as the Van Dorn Playgrounds. Irvingdale Park opened in October of 1929

January 4, 1956: Irvingdale Park eyed as location for newest swimming pool. 

January 10, 1956: A public hearing was held as to where Irvingdale Park swimming pool should be. Opposition was held from small businesses that it would cause unjustified traffic

January 17, 1956: City Council was in favor of the new Irvingdale Park, however they couldn’t decide where to put it. 

January 23, 1956: Location is approved for Irvingdale Park Swimming Pool, midway between 19th and 20th streets. This was met with some contempt from business owners nearby. 

January 27, 1956: A protest petition contained 37 signatures opposing the location of the Irvingdale Swimming Pool. 

January 30, 1956: Petitioners were afraid that the new swimming pool will mean devaluation of their properties, as the swimming pool would be located in a neighborhood. 

February 14, 1956: City Council receives plans, specifications, and cost estimates from Fulton and Cramer, engineering consultations for the Irvingdale Park swimming pool. In spite of possible snug financial fit, the pool budget was approved.

June 27, 1956: Irvingdale Pool is finally completed and would open the next day, June 28th, 1956. Irvingdale was the second new neighborhood municipal pool opened within two years. University Place pool on N. 48th Street opened summer of 1955. 

September 24, 1969: Irvingdale Park is vandalized, with damage running upwards of $700. 

October 3, 1974: Students and chief Park Ranger Charles Hennessey clean up Irvingdale Park after it had fallen somewhat into dilapidation

May 8, 1999: Playground tower created in Irvingdale Park. The playground was three years in the making.

July 6, 2002: Irvingdale Neighborhood Association trying to raise $4000 by July 15 to lengthen Irvingdale pool’s hours and season.





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